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Neon Signs

Neon Signs
Shape Color
Skull File:Skull neon.png Red
Pineapple File:Pineapple neon.png Yellow/Green
Kitty File:Kitty neon.png Pink
Dinosaur File:Dinosaur neon.png Green
Dragon File:Dragon neon.png Green/Red/Yellow


Name Color
Desk Lamp File:Desk lamp.png Green
Cactus Nightlight File:Cactus nightlight.png Green
Spooky Lamp File:Spooky lamp.png Red
Luxo Lamp File:Luxo lamp.png White

Posters, Signs & Paintings

Posters, Signs & Paintings
Name Description
QR Sign File:Qr sign.png Scannable QR code
Small Sign File:Small sign.png "Face Mask Required"
No Firearms Sign File:No firearms sign.png "No Firearms or Weapons Permitted On This Property"
Poster File:Poster1.png "Get Back To Work"
Poster File:Poster2.png P/L graph of "stonks"
Poster File:Poster3.png "Profits"
Painting File:Painting1.png A single lonely tree
Painting File:Painting2.png Geometric shapes/triangles
Painting File:Painting3.png Two people under an umbrella