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Melee Weapons

  • Notice: Weapon stats are now randomly generated as of update 0.0.6D.10 (January 2023). The below data reflects 'base' or 'average' stat values. Results may vary.
Weapon Damage Weight Additional Uses
Baguette Baguette.png 0 1 KG Can be equipped as a very, very weak weapon.
Bat Bat sawblade.png
Bat nails.png
17 2KG Has multiple variations
Bo-Staff Bo-staff.png 17 4KG
Captain's Rapier Captains rapier.png 25 2 KG
Cedd's Claymore Cedds claymore.png 30 3.5KG
Crowbar Crowbar.png 15 2 KG Metal Scrapping
Crutch Crutch.png 17 2KG
Cutlass Cutlass.png 25 2 KG
Dread Axe Dread axe.png 26 7.5KG
Fire Axe Fire axe.png 15 2.5 KG Chopping Wood
Fishing Rod Fishing rod.png 10 2 KG
Golf Club Golf club.png 17 2KG
Guitar Guitar.png 20 3 KG Chopping Wood
Holy Sword Holy sword.png 30 2 KG General Purposes
Katana Katanas.png 18 1.25 KG
"Looseal" Looseal.png 17 2 KG
Multipan Multipan.png Default Weapon
Master Sword Master sword.png 30
Modified Axe Modified axe blue.png 15 3 KG Has 3 color variations
Odachi Odachi1.png 25 1.5 KG
Orange Offender Ice Pick Ice pick.png 15 1.5 KG Has 3 color variations with different names.
Blue Butcher Ice Pick
Red Rage Ice Pick
Green Goober Ice Pick
Pickaxe File:Pickaxe.png 15 2.5 KG Rock Mining
Pipe Pipe.png 17 3 KG
Plank Plank.png 17 2.75 KG
Plunger Plunger.png 17 2 KG
Pogo Stick Pogo stick.png 17 2 KG
Scythe Scythe.png 25 4 KG
Sledge Hammer Sledge hammer.png 15 4.5 KG
Spiked Mace Spiked mace.png
Stick Horse Stick horse.png 17 2 KG
Stop Sign Stop sign.png 17 3.5KG
Torch Torch.png 17 2 KG Lighting

Assault Rifles

Weapon Weight Caliber Additional Info
AK-203 Ak-203.png 3.50 KG 7.62x39mm
AKM Akmdp.png 3.50 KG 7.62x39mm
FAMAS Famas.png 2.25 KG 5.56x45mm
G36C G36c.png 2.50 KG 5.56x45mm
M4 M4small.png 2.25 KG 5.56x45mm
SCAR-H Scar-h.png 2.50 KG 7.62x39mm Caliber will change to 7.62x51mm in future updates
SCAR-L Scar-l.png 2.25 KG 5.56x45mm

Sniper Rifles

Weapon Weight Caliber Additional Info
Karabiner 98k Kardp.png KG 7.92x57mm
Mosin Nagant Mosindp.png KG 7.62x54mmR
Dragunov Dragunovbp.png KG 7.62x54mmR

Submachine Guns

Weapon Weight Caliber Additional Info
Vector Vectordp.png KG 9x19mm


Weapon Weight Caliber Additional Info
1911 1911bp.png KG 9x19mm
Golden 1911 Golden 1911.png KG 9x19mm
Desert Eagle DE.png KG .50


Weapon Weight Caliber Additional Info
Crossbow Crossbow.png KG Arrows (Bolts)
Compound Crossbow Compound.png KG Arrows (Bolts)

Power Tools

Weapon Weight Caliber Additional Info
Nail Gun Nailgun.png KG Nails


Name Weight Use Case
Maglite Flashlight Maglite Flashlight.png 1 KG Small hand-held flashlight
Lantern Flashlight Lantern flashlight.png 2 KG Large hand-held flashlight
Red Devil Flashlight Red devil flashlight.png 0.25 KG Small hand-held flashlight